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Beginner Pistol Course

Whether you are thinking of buying a new firearm or became a new gun owner, it’s an exciting experience and beginning of a new journey in firearm awareness and safety. The professional staff at APPS have a passion for working with new firearm owners to ensure everyone is safe, knowledgeable, and responsible. Our experienced staff will guide students through the exciting world of becoming a safe new gun owner by leading them through basics of firearm and ammunition knowledge, how to safely handle a firearm, safe gun storage in the home, best practices to carry a firearm for personal protection, and how to properly shoot a firearm. Therefore, if you are on the fence for which handgun to buy or just purchased your first firearm, join us for this new firearm owners’ course. Our mission is to ensure you are comfortable and safe with your firearms.  

Our passion for teaching is centered around three aspects. Safety, confidence, and a stress-free environment. APPS has introduced a state-of-the-art Virtual Simulator to make learning how to shoot and handle a firearm enjoyable, fun, and above all safe for everyone. We are dedicated to promoting safety while building comfort and confidence.    

Topics Covered:  

Firearm Safety, how to choose the right firearm, differences in Ammunition, Proper Handling including Loading and Unloading, Home firearm safety, and the Foundation of Shooting Fundamentals.  

COST: $50

LENGTH: 2-3 hours

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