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Home Safety Awareness Course: Home Defense


Join the experienced instructors at APPS who have a passion for leading families through the numerous considerations of home defense. Creating and implementing a home defense plan can be a challenging task for the family. Our focus is a practical solutions-based approach developed with you and your family’s safety in mind. Our instructors work with each member to understand concerns, assess vulnerabilities, and provide practical solutions that develop confidence in their individual plans. Based on concentric rings of security, our team will guide you through fortifying your home against attack by exploring options to reinforce the exterior of your home to prevent break-ins, how to respond/defend against intruders both inside and outside the home, and discuss the mindset behind potential intruders and how to use this information to prevent attacks. Combining elements of both non-lethal/lethal defense options, APPS will help you understand how to maximize your preparedness by developing a robust security strategy. We will work together to create a plan you and your family will be excited to implement.


COST: $125

LENGTH: 6 hours

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