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Independence begins with confidence, and our Women's Self Defense class builds confidence.  


Whether you have martial arts experience or brand new to self defense, this will be an eye opening course to help kick start a mindset that will always keep you one step ahead. While attending this class participants will quickly learn valuable skills to avoid becoming a victim in the future. If you choose to carry a firearm or not, having the verbal and hand-to-hand proficiency to de-escalate a situation is always preferred. In this class, empowerment is taught through hands-on instruction and will be the foundation of a safe future as a women in today’s society. 


Our knowledgeable instructors will help guide students safely through the basics of defensive posture, understanding of base, and finally how to break free of most attacking grabs that occur in self defense situations. 



  • Foundation of self defense

  • Legal side of self defense

  • Early warning detection

  • How to set boundaries

  • Intention Assessment

  • Not-A-Victim Mindset

  • Preparedness in all situations

  • Major grip breaks from attacker

  • Ability to use leverage/technique to overcome size/strength

  • How to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation

  • Violence Scalability


COST: $60


$60 per person 

For every friend brought, take $10 off their cost

Example: Bring 1 friend, they pay $50.  Bring another friend, they pay $40, ETC.. 


  • Positive Mindset

  • Athletic clothing or loose fitting outfit

  • Comfortable shoes (stand up portion of class)

  • Socks (mat portion of class)

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