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Pistol 1: Advanced Pistol Fundamentals


Looking to further refine and improve your shooting skills?

If you recently started your shooting journey or you’re an experienced shooter looking to refine your existing skills, this course is designed to focus on the key skills required to move to more advanced shooting abilities. This course focuses on perfecting the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. Our professional instructors work with each student to build upon individual shooting levels and abilities to become more confident in carrying and shooting your firearm. Instructors work with students to address bad habits, as well as focus on proper mechanics through bio-mechanic efficiency and economy of motion to help students place more accurate rounds on target faster.

This course will focus on refining and mastering the basic fundamentals of shooting a firearm.


COST: $150.00

LENGTH: 4 hours


Prerequisite: Handgun Carry Permit


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