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The journey to safely carrying a firearm for self-defense must begin somewhere. Join APPS and let our professional instructors guide you through the process as we discuss the laws, personal liability, use of deadly force, basic safety and weapon maintenance. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge to help answer all of your questions regarding firearms. This course is designed to provide a hands-on experience exceeding the state requirements and prepare you for safely carrying a firearm for self-defense. To ensure every student is safe and comfortable, APPS utilizes a state-of-the-art Virtual Simulator in the classroom to help students become acquainted with the operations and shooting of a firearm before being introduced to the live-fire range. Sign up now and allow us to walk you through the process of applying for your TN State Handgun Carry Permit.  

**TN Permitless Carry is not recognized for non-TN residents. Additionally, TN Permitless Carry does not provide reciprocity with any other state** 

The world can be a dangerous place, with the use of our V-Sim we can develop skills for safe firearm handling as well as immerse students in realistic scenarios requiring them to react to developing hostile and non-hostile confrontations in a safe professional learning environment.

The TN Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit allows open or concealed carry. The permit shall entitle the permittee to carry any handgun - which the permittee legally owns or possesses and allows for reciprocity in several other states.


COST: $90.00

LENGTH: 8 hours


Must Obtain Application Number from the State prior to class:


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