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APPS Presents 

APPS Presents 

Academy of EJ BJJ


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has taken the world by storm; taking off in popularity largely in part to its dominance in UFC. Joining us for the most effective martial art in the world is a fantastic way to become the best version of yourself, gain confidence, and get in great shape. Regardless of prior experience or being brand new to BJJ, every class will offer new and different techniques that can be immediately applied in your daily life. Our program is designed to physically push you towards a healthier lifestyle while also building mental fortitude. 


As an affiliate of Luiz Palhares, our program covers the best of Self-Defense, Sport BJJ, NoGi, and MMA techniques all performed in a controlled classroom setting, guided by an instructor to help you discover the perfect application. The environment and friendships that are built here will change your life in the most positive way! Group classes, open enrollment, and private classes all available. 


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