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Firearm Transfers

All firearm transfers into A.P.P.S. and High Caliber Weaponry + Training must come from an FFL.

Please wait for a phone call from our staff to let you know it is ready for pickup. Please do not just show up when your tracking number says it has been delivered.

***If you have had a firearm shipped to A.P.P.S. and your background check comes back as "Denied", you have 60 days to remedy the problem. After 60 days the firearm becomes the property of A.P.P.S. and High Caliber Weaponry + Training***

Please have your FFL/SOT contact to request a copy of our FFL/SOT for any incoming transfers.

If you are an FFL/SOT shipping a firearm or NFA Item to us, please include the recipient's information. We will need their full name and contact info.


  • FFL Transfer Cost
    • FFL Transfer In: $35
    • TICS: $10
    • NFA Item Transfer Cost $50


  • Shipping out:
    • Handgun: $45 + Shipping
    • Long gun: $75 + Shipping


Background Checks

Everyone purchasing a firearm or receiving a firearm transfer will have a TICS background check.

These checks are $10.00 and non-refundable even if you are delayed or denied. There are no exceptions to these background checks.